Leica Individual Photography Workshops

Gino’s workshops are tailored to your current Leica M camera system skill level. His studio is based in Folsom, California with access to the Gold Country and other popular landscape photography locations like Yosemite National Park, Napa Valley, and the Lake Tahoe region.

Why hire Gino to educate you on the Leica M camera system?

  • Gino has many years of photography experience capturing wedding, landscape, and commercial images.
  • He provides a clear roadmap on selecting equipment for your Leica M camera system.
  • You won’t waste time and money trying to figure out what equipment to purchase for your Leica M camera system.
  • Gino has spent countless hours perfecting his Leica M camera system and will pass his knowledge to you through his individual workshops.
  • Individual workshops are tailored to your level of expertise and requirements.
  • Gino will teach you how to prepare for a landscape photography trip
  • He will help you set up a digital and color management workflow to ensure your images are “color accurate” from capture to print.
  • You will receive a solid photographic foundation so you can take your photography to the next level.

“Several years ago, I hired Gino as my photographic consultant and since then he has helped me with my corporate photography needs and web design. Gino taught me so much about photography, digital workflow, and helped me select my complete Leica system. Since then, Gino and I have become good friends and have traveled the US using our Leica M10s.” – Brett B.

Leica M System Consultation

The Leica M camera system is complex. It’s important to know and understand each piece of the puzzle before selecting and purchasing lenses and accessories. Gino understands:

  • Lens selection based on your photographic style like street or landscape photography
  • Configuring a computer system to process captured image in an efficient manner
  • Selecting the right color management calibration tools for both your monitor and printer 
  • Purchasing accessories including: a tripod, camera bag, half case, SD cards, etc.

Gino can walk you through the procurement process so you can create your perfect Leica M Camera System.

Learn how to use your Leica M Camera

When you first pick up your Leica M Camera, you may feel overwhelmed with the manual functionality of the camera. Manual focusing and selecting the right aperture on the lens can both be tricky. Gino will help you set up your camera and walk you through each step of the process so you can capture beautiful images for your portfolio. With Gino’s guidance, you will:

  • Properly configure and setup your Leica M Camera
  • Learn how to use your Leica M camera system so you can capture award winning photography
  • Understand the difference between shooting RAW vs Jpeg
  • Learn proper exposure. This will help minimize post processing corrections like blown highlights or shadows using the electronic view finder.
  • Master the art of “manual focusing”. You’ll learn how to capture fast moving objects and shallow depth of field.
  • Camera bag configuration

Proofing and processing your images

The most creative process of photography (besides capturing properly exposed images) is adjusting your images on the computer. Gino will show you how to adjust RAW files captured with your Leica M Camera for print on an Epson Printer. This includes:

  • Proofing images using your iPad Pro
  • Learning how to process RAW files using Capture One
  • Learning how to not “over-process” images
  • Black and White conversion using Capture One
  • Cloud Storage: iCloud, DropBox, Google One, etc.
  • Creating a portfolio of top images using the iPad Pro

Workshop Locations

Gino is very fortunate to live in one of the most desired photographic destinations in the world. He can tailor your photographic training based on your style of photography. Locations near Gino include:

  • Gold Country – Hwy 49
  • Lake Tahoe Area (Desolation Wilderness)
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Folsom
  • Napa (Fall Colors)

Capturing the perfect image is the dream of all photographers. With the Lecia M System, you’re one step closer to that perfect image. When you fully understand how to use this powerful equipment, you’ll see your dream become a reality. Gino not only delivers solid photography knowledge and expertise, he patiently walks your through each step of the process. Gino finds joy in photography and this radiates in his teaching style. He’s passionate about the Leica M camera system and knows you will be too.

Ready to take your photography to the next level? Contact Gino for more information or to schedule your individual training seminar.